Wireless Router/Access Point Installation

Slow internet, Wi-Fi dead spot, buffering, endless reboot? These are all characteristic of traditional routers and range extenders, and why it is difficult to work, play, stream or scroll through every room in your home.

We use multiple point access points and mesh technology to cover every part of your Greater Toronto Area home with powerful and reliable Wi-Fi. It works with your existing modem and any internet provider so you have a consistently strong signal everywhere.

  • Entire home coverage
  • Network optimization
  • Up to 5 times faster speed
  • Encrypted with high-end security
We are

Premier Wireless Network Specialist

Wireless router installation

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We can create a Wi-Fi hub for your home connection. It has multiple Ethernet ports, tri-band nets and is designed for wire and wireless connectivity to fit anywhere in your home.

Our enhanced full home wifi from Wave doesn’t matter the layout of your home – whether it’s an apartment, town home or home. We always install WiFi access points in your home to stay

Our access points protect your wireless network with advanced encryption and security protocols so you can relax. The installer-to-home Wi-Fi service offers features such as full home coverage, faster speeds, better parental control options, and easier setup and management features.

Our technicians will offer to help you install and maintain a good home Wi-Fi system that will serve you for years. Connexial’s team is the premier wireless network specialist in Toronto. As one of the leading providers in the Greater Toronto area, our smart home professionals, while expanding Wi-Fi coverage, removes Wi-Fi dead zones, providing full home WiFi access acess between your IPS routers and wireless devices.

Enjoy a seamless wireless network in your home, business location, business or office. Ideal for smart home, HD video streaming, online gaming and other bandwidth-intensive tasks.

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