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In today’s world of computing devices, being current in business means connecting to the web. Structures For large constructions such as fees, campus buildings, apartment complexes and more, a large network is required to serve all computers and devices. These large networks are usually supported by multiple network switches, routers and other devices connected by network cables.

  • Telephone system cabling
  • Low voltage connection
  • Network certification and testing
  • Wireless network design and installation
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When setting up data / voice cabling in a building, errors can occur which can lead to network outages, downtime and other sluggishness. Sometimes it can be difficult for you to track these issues in your own setting. Connexial’s technicians have access to certified devices that will allow us to check the quality of your cabling and sniff out any potential problems.

Even if you have an existing network that is run by another provider, we can help you to see the performance issues you may experience. We work with companies of all sizes and can help you hunt down any potential problems within your network cable.

Connexial is a regional low voltage contractor that can support many aspects of voice and data cables. Connexial also offers wireless networking solutions for applications where wired networking can be difficult / not an option. Contact Connexial today to discuss your data and networking requirements.

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