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We offer a variety of network jacks to meet your specific needs. So, you need to connect your cable to another cable or computer to the network or almost anything, we can help you!
Our network jack installation is generally capable of supporting both data and phones. This means that the double jack is capable of supporting both the data network and the phone. We always recommend adding a new cable to the new jack at this event which is a future cut.

  • Planning
  • Testing
  • Drilling
  • Installing
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Network Jack Installation Ontario

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We recommend the best place to place your jack. This can be inside a cubicle or above a table to support the jack. Network jacks can be installed on many different surfaces, including concrete walls, driveways and conference room tables. Network jacks can be installed for a variety of plugs and cables, including HDMI, COX, CAT6, CAT5E, and fibre cables.

Installing a network jack requires testing, labelling, and fastening of the jack to the surface. We also provide an excel sheet or map of Jack’s location at our customer’s request and label all Jacks. If any future diagnoses need to be made on a network jack, maps help.

To determine how many jacks your office fee needs, calculate having two jacks for each user and also add the required network jack installations for wireless access points, printers or other devices that may require internet. In a 5-meter area where there is no jack, it is better to add network jacks.

You will be able to move employees and furniture without the need to call technicians whenever the employee needs to move.

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