Coax Cabling

Although coaxial cable is largely intended for the transmission of TV signals, today’s new technologies offer the potential to use domestic coaxial cable for high-speed home networking applications (Ethernet over coax).

This type of wire defines the electromagnetic wave between the center conductor and wire inside the cable, and can be easily twisted and folded without any negative effects. They can also be prepared for auxiliary conduction without inducing unwanted currents in it and yet.

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The cable infrastructure we have installed for our customers is unobtrusive and always follows the least visible path. For properties under construction, the cables are completely invisible and are installed inside the structural walls during development.

Connexial services are built according to the needs and quality standards of our customers, all of which are at the point of view. Contact us for free site inspections and quotes. We will present you a uniquely designed solution to meet your individual network cabling requirements.

Installing a coax cable is similar to installing a phone jack or other type of low volt jack installation. We offer HDMI jack installation over a pure HDMI cable or network cable (Cat 6 or Cat 5E). It is necessary to install network jacks that use universal plugs with the ability to support all types of plugs.

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