Cabling Audits

Once it’s comparatively installed and exited, it can be easy to come to the conclusion that your company or business has networking and telecommunications hardware, cables and wire sets and can be ignored. However, this is not true, especially if things have been happening for a few years.

A network is something that evolves over time, with things like re-organization or reorganization of office fees or ad-hooks to accommodate unplanned or extra machines.

  • Identifying possible hazards
  • Improved networking
  • Preventing potential networking risks
  • Installation of extra network
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Going through cabling audit is a good move. We provide comprehensive and robust audit services for any installation of cabling infrastructure. With our in-depth analysis, our services can detect underlying problems in your business, so you can avoid serious network disruptions, data packets, and poor data flow rates.

When you want to make changes or plan for future expansion and requirements, we can map your existing infrastructure to save time. Our team of Network Professionals does an extensive job of identifying existing networks to identify potential issues with overall performance, devices and infrastructure.

We’re both here to prepare and then implement the cabinet’s plans, so it’s easy to see where the extra capacity could be. Cabling audit can also improve identification and then labelling issues that occur on outlets and patch panels. If the performance issues are something you’re experiencing, we can test the cable individually to find out the interruptions and the types of cable being used.

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